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An opera star who has performed in London, Madrid and Sydney, Greene was the keynote speaker at the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s ninth annual Gala for Catholic Education.
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Mount St. Mary’s product: PIE scholarship ‘changed my life’

Mount St. Mary’s product: PIE scholarship ‘changed my life’ PAUL MCMULLEN SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 FEATURE, LOCAL NEWS, NEWS, SCHOOLS Alexis Watson needed just seven semesters to earn a degree in communication from Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, where last week she began work on her master’s in business administration. The 22-year-old is employed by the Mount as...
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Cardinal Shehan Choir Video of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” Goes Viral

Kenyatta Hardison, choir direct at Cardinal Shehan, thought she was just sharing a video of rehearsal with her friends and parents of students. 21 million views later and the choir has become the voices of hope to many.
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