Where Are They Now? Featuring Walter Oliver

In the early years of the Partners in Excellence (PIE) Scholarship Program, donors and friends always loved visiting Father Charles Hall Elementary School in Sandtown-Winchester.  Principal Kathleen Filippelli and her dedicated staff did a wonderful job in creating a home-like atmosphere for the students, and visitors picked up on this warmth right away.  A big part of the experience at Father Charles Hall was the student-led tours.  The one student that Ms. Filippelli seemed to trust the most for tours was Walter Oliver.

Smart, talented, and precocious, Walter had a way of engaging with visitors, sharing fun facts and stories about the school as he escorted them around the building.  After a Walter-led tour, many visitors came away with a strong sense of the impact that the school was having on the lives of its students.

Walter graduated from Father Charles Hall Elementary and then attended Cardinal Shehan for middle school.  As a talented musician (in piano & voice), and with a sturdy foundation of study and work habits honed at Father Charles Hall, Walter was accepted into and attended Baltimore School for the Arts for high school.

Twenty years after his 5th grade graduation from Father Charles Hall, where is Walter today?

Well, we are delighted to share that Walter has become a father to two young boys, Noah and Bre’lyn, whom he adores.  In fact, Noah is a fourth grader at one of his dad’s alma maters, Cardinal Shehan.  “Being able to send Noah to a Catholic school has been rewarding to say the least,” Walter shared. “Seeing the smile on his face from the thriving learning community makes all the difference.”

Walter is thriving, as well.  He recently was promoted to Vice President at Capital City Protective Services, a company he joined nearly five years ago. “My primary focus is business development where I oversee the growth and development of our corporate office and locations throughout the East Coast.”

When asked what his Catholic education means to him, Walter shared, “My experience attending Catholic school was great.  The teachers and staff were nurturing and inspiring, and the education I received helped teach me how to engage with people from all walks of life.  It taught me how to have compassion for others in all situations.”

We are delighted to see Walter doing so well and wish him and his growing family all the best!

Walter, sharing his talents at Father Charles Hall Elementary
(June 2004)

Walter’s 4th grade class photo at Father Charles Hall.  Can you spot him?

Walter and Noah sharing some quality time together