Take a School Tour

Why Take a Tour?

There is so much we could tell you about our schools, but we’d rather just show you.

Experiencing our Catholic school community offers an in-depth perspective into the mission of PIE. We recommend taking time to come out to a school and meet the students, teachers, and staff and connect with them on a personal level. Come walk the halls, visit classes, read stories, shake hands, and get to know our students and our schools. Experience a PIE school first-hand and see what it really means to be a Partner In Excellence.

What to expect to see when visiting a school:
  • A diverse, supportive, and intellectual community.
  • Supportive teachers, administrators, and staff helping students find their passions and pursue their dreams.
  • Rigorous programs centered around 21st Century Learning framework.
  • A lot of smiles!

*Tours normally start at 9 am and last about an hour, but that is flexible. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form below or email dawn.edwards@archbalt.org*