Funding Partners

Thank You to our Generous Partners

Corporate Partners

Exelon Foundation, Inc.
Falcao Investment Group
Gallagher, Evelius & Jones, LLP
Gaudreau, Inc.
Heritage Properties
KOFA Public Affairs, LLC
Legg Mason, Inc.
M&T Charitable Foundation
The Employees of M&T Realty Capital Corp.
McCormick & Co.
PNC Foundation
SunTrust Bank
T. Rowe Price Foundation
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
W.R. Grace & Co.

Matching Gifts

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Exelon Foundation, Inc.
Legg Mason, Inc
T. Rowe Price Foundation

Individual Partners

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Batza
Eileen Bennett
Mary Catherine Bunting
Mr. & Mrs. Fran Contino
Mr. & Mrs. Donal Doyle
Tari Flannery
David M. Gaines
Mr. & Mrs. Curran W. Harvey & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Killgallon
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Kurowski
Mr. & Mrs. Louis P. Matthews
Mary Mangione
Rohit Marwaha
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond “Chip” Mason
Mr. & Mrs. Ludge Olivier
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pevenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Martin V. Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Ford S. Rowan
Mr. & Mrs. T. Peter Ruane
Mr. & Mrs. John von Paris
Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Wofford

Foundation and Organization Partners

Abell Foundation
Awalt Family Charitable Fund
BCF K-12 Scholarship Fund
Catholic Community Foundation
The Davis Family Foundation
Gaudreau Family Foundation
George W. McManus Jr. Foundation Fund (BCF)
Geisel Family Charitable Fund
Kassolis Family Private Foundation
KRV Scholarship Fund
The Joseph E. & Catherine A. Liberatore Fund
The Linehan Family Foundation, Inc.
Lockhart Vaughan Foundation
The Plank Family Foundation
St. Francis Xavier – Hunt Valley
The Stansky Family Fund
Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus
TKF Fund (BCF)
The Thomas C. Jones Educational Trust Fund
The United Way of Central Maryland
Wakeman Family Charitable Fund
Women’s Education Alliance
Wright Family Foundation
Young Partners In Excellence

Endowed PIE Scholarships

The Batza Family Trust
The Father Tim Brown Reading Scholars Program Fund
The Edward A. Crooke Scholarship Fund
The Curran & Jody Harvey Family Endowment Scholarship Fund
The Joyce & Hunter Kerlin Charitable Fund
The Earl & Darielle Linehan Family Trust Fund
The Raymond & Rand Mason Family Endowment Fund
The Partners In Excellence Endowment Fund
The Michael & Priya Pinto Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund
The James & Carol Ritz Family Fund
The Stansky PIE Scholarship Endowment Fund
The Julia Sullivan Endowment Fund
The Mark & Loy Timbie Endowment

PIE Endowment Fund at the Baltimore Community Foundation:

Mercantile (PNC)
William Randolph Hearst Foundations

University Partners

Loyola University Maryland
Notre Dame of Maryland University
Roche Center Boston College