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Quality education is the foundation of success.

Partners In Excellence

Every child deserves a quality education, and it is through education that we, as a society, will break the cycle of poverty for the families of our most marginalized and disadvantaged.


“Education is the transformative power which lifts the aspirations of young people who struggle to see a future for themselves. Our PIE Scholars benefit from an education which draws forth the God-given talents within them”

– Archbishop William E. Lori 

Give Hope

Many families within Baltimore City are overlooked and under-served. When you become a Partner In Excellence, you give hope in a community where hope is often scarce.


Create Opportunity

PIE students attend schools that provide strong academics AND high ethical and moral standards.  Our students respond with strong attendance, deeper involvement in extra-curriculars, and excellent graduation rates.


See Success

Most of our students pursue higher education opportunities and, after getting their degree, return to give back to their community.


A Commitment to Success

Since the Partners In Excellence Scholarship Program was established in 1996, the initiative has inspired long term participation from a variety of Partners.  Several corporate, foundation and individual philanthropies have supported PIE for over a decade, including a handful since PIE’s inception.  Because of the ongoing support of our donors, many families are also able to commit long-term to our schools.  Check out this video to hear a little more about why PIE has inspired such a dedicated following.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

  • How they’re able to engage families- it’s not just that you’re giving a student a scholarship, you’re giving a family a scholarship. And that family is part of an overall community.

    Whit Harvey
    Donor, CEO and Owner, Whit Harvey Group
  • I enjoy Catholic school because of the things they teach and the things the teachers do for us- they’re really sweet here and I like that. Everyone supports each other. The teachers, and the students. We just want to make everyone their best.

    Jaden Bishop
    PIE Scholar, Holy Angels Catholic School, Class of 2021
  • The willingness to help each other out here and to just be a family, is something I haven’t seen in a very, very long time. Despite their differences, they’re here to support, encourage, and love one another. They stick to that routine, they know what needs to be done. They have high expectations, not only for me, but for themselves.

    Jane Gervasio
    Teacher, 3rd Grade, Holy Angels Catholic School
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Facts & Stats

The success of our students has remained consistent over 20 years. Our students love school and love going to school, the statistics show that.

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