Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships between our Corporate donors and PIE students are a key part of what makes PIE so successful! If your company is interested in creating a Partnership, please email

Corporate Service Day

Build team relationships and give back to the Baltimore community by participating in a service day with our PIE students! The events can be a full or partial school day. They can revolve around a specific project, or allow the students to do a special activity or event. Your service day could be with just a small teams, or the entire company! Email if you would like to schedule a Day of Service.

Corporate Ambassador Program

Our Corporate Ambassador Program allows a company to partner directly with one of our Community Schools to create a volunteer program that meets the needs of our PIE students, as well as fulfills the company’s philanthropic goals. Companies like Constellation, Plank Industries, M&T Bank, and PNC have directly partnered with our schools to fulfill the students’ needs. Ambassadors meet three times a year to discuss their Partnership with other Ambassadors. If you are interested in joining the Ambassador Program, please email

Constellation partners with the STEM Gems from Cardinal Shehan School for a day of science in beauty

Plank Industries (Under Armour) joins students for a “Plank Day” of arts, sports, and learning