PIE Advocates

What is this ‘PIE Advocates’ thing?

PIE Advocates is an initative to recruit members of the greater Baltimore community to help raise awareness of the Partners In Excellence (PIE) Scholarship Program and the schools and students we serve.


Who is the ideal PIE Advocate? 

 At the heart of the mission of PIE and our Catholic schools is the belief that every child is deserving of dignity and respect, and within each child are God-given gifts that need to be discovered and nurtured. 

Here in Baltimore, there are far too many children who do not know this about themselves.  PIE is an effort to help these children get into schools where they will discover how valuable and important they are. 

If this is a mission that speaks to you – and if you want to do something about it – then you are an ideal PIE Advocate!

What is the role of a PIE Advocate? 

PIE Advocates are asked to help increase awareness of PIE through both social media and more traditional networking.  This can be done via:

  • Social Media – Like/follow PIE’s pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – and then engage with PIE social media posts by liking and sharing them. If you wish, you can create your own posts, too.
  • Events – There will be some PIE and Archdiocesan events that PIE Advocates will be invited to attend (for free) – and bring guests to introduce them to the mission of PIE.
  • School toursSeeing is believing. We would love each PIE Advocate to commit to at least 1 school visit a year – and bring a couple friends!

    There is no minimum time commitment.  Each PIE Advocate decides how much time and effort he or she wants to give.

    *The current Covid pandemic is preventing us from being able to plan events or schools tours.  We hope that improved treatments and an effective vaccine will allow us to start planning these in-person opportunities soon!

Communication with PIE Advocates:

  • PIE Advocates would receive the regular monthly PIE e-newsletter and a PIE Advocate e-newsletter (sent as needed, less frequently).
  • PIE Advocates would be given access to a Google Drive folder with documents, graphics and other info that they may find useful as they advocate for PIE.

The PIE Advocates Facebook Page is now established – please check it out and like it!  For those who use this platform, this page will also serve as a communication tool and resource.

If you would like to learn more about the PIE Advocate initiative or if you would like to sign-up to be a PIE Advocate, please feel free to contact Dawn Edwards (dawn.edwards@archbalt.org, 410-547-5557) or Matt Anthony (manthony@archbalt.org, 410-625-8452).