Parent and Teacher Stories

Parent and Teacher Stories

“The willingness to help each other out and be a family is something I haven’t seen in a very long time. Despite their differences, the kids support, encourage, and love one another. They stick to a routine, and know what needs to be done. They have high expectations for themselves.”

Jane Gervasio
3rd Grade/ STEAM Teacher
Holy Angels Catholic School

“These schools create a very supportive, nurturing environment from grade to grade. It’s definitely geared to supporting the kids. Everyone wants them to be successful and get them ready for high school.”

– Ethan Huber-Smith
Middle School Teacher
Ss. James and John

“I teach my students to have a sense of pride. I want them to be proud of themselves and I want them to love themselves and one another. I always tell my students this: you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” 

– Charmaine Trice
3rd Grade Teacher
Ss. James and John 

“I honestly believe teaching is my calling. I enjoy helping students find their niche and watching them discover who they are. “

– Kenyatta Hardison
Choir Director, Music Teacher, and PIE Scholar Parent
Cardinal Shehan School

“My kids rave about their Catholic school. They rave about their education. They feel special that they are afforded the opportunity to even be there because they know that it is a privilege. “

Taneshia Johnson
PIE Scholar Parent
Holy Angels Catholic School

“We are a family. When parents pull out of that parking lot, they have to feel comfortable leaving their kids with us. The environment that we create is loving, nurturing, and encouraging.”

Traci White
3rd Grade
Cardinal Shehan School


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